About CBRNe Nation

CBRNe Nation is a group of current and former first responders and military professionals. We have combined our knowledge and resources with the world’s leading resource for Hazmat first responders, Hazmat Nation.

Hazmat Incidents typically comprise unplanned, smaller scale accidental and non-weaponized events, whereas CBRNe missions respond to the deliberate use of warfare agents often within the context of planned operations, in a predetermined battle-space.

Crossover occurs in many areas; same vendors, use of equipment, methods of response, detection, decontamination and of course in a terrorist incident – mutual aid post a domestic attack scenario. It makes absolute sense then that operators, professionals, commercial organizations and interested parties share and learn from each other with this command bond and understanding.

Combining the twin nations allows for a dual nationality, as the leading organization in actively scouting and providing innovative solutions and integration of product within the CBRNe, hazardous materials management and emergency response markets.

We provide consultancy on planning and managing incidents involving hazardous materials whether they be as a result of an accident or a deliberate terrorist or adversary release.

We want to assist our ‘citizens’ in the military and major hazardous industries and commercial sectors to be sufficiently prepared for and thus better manage their hazardous materials incidents.

We can help commercial businesses lay out operational guidance in the form of procedural and technical frameworks and develop or review their risk assessments, policy and procedures to safely and efficiently mitigate, resolve and clean up emergency incidents involving hazardous materials, including CBRNe materials. 

Our experts can provide guidance to assist business owners, decision makers and emergency responders to make safe, risk assessed, efficient and proportionate responses whenever hazardous materials are encountered in an organization’s operational arena. Our counsel is applicable to any event, regardless of scale.

We encourage like minded men and women within our community to share experiences, suggestions and contribute and help the community. You’re “at the sharp end” will help our brothers and sisters on the front lines. Stay safe and stay tuned for events across the HazMat, CBRNe, SAR and First Responder calendar. ……….. “and if you get any on you, get yourself thru decon!”

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