CNG Bus Fire/ CNG Vehicle Response – RAW Video

With the push for cleaner fuel alternatives – New set of hazards for First Responders

There are more vehicles on the road with alternative fuels creating a new set of hazards for first responders. Fuels such as CNG, LNG and Propane, all of which have certain inherent hazards, are used in everything from cars and buses to garbage trucks. Some vehicles are specifically designed as alternative fuels, others are retrofit builds.  First responders are faced with new challenges for extrication and vehicle fires.

Source: Youtube/RTV6 | The Indy Channel

Last year the Indy fire dept responded to a garbage truck fire (see video) and upon arrival they found fire involving the compactor area. The OIC was advised of the CNG tanks on top however the driver would not dump the load and move the truck to a safe area. Within 15 min the tanks BLEVEied. Shrapnel was sent flying 360 dg from the truck and was said to have struck a firefighter in the helmet. One tank reportedly traveled ¼ mile.

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