Dramatic Explosion and a Mushroom Cloud Created Using 1,000 Sparklers and a Microwave Oven

Source: Mike Opelka The Blaze.com

In the past, Swedish experimentalist  Alexander and Benjamin Jönsson have posted videos of crazy stunts like sending a donut into space and exploding a microwave oven using a sealed bottle of water and some duct tape.

Today, the brothers have delivered their latest YouTube experiment involving 1,000 sparklers and a microwave oven. The combination ends with an explosion that demolished the microwave and produced a small mushroom cloud.

The Jönsson brothers packed the sparklers in a tight, circular bundle wrapped in duct tape and placed them in a small household microwave oven.

The microwave oven was positioned outside and connected to power by a long extension cord. The brothers plugged in the oven and five minutes later, the sparklers ignited and exploded, delivering a small, but well-formed mushroom cloud over the destroyed appliance.

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